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St. Louis County

Goal - Create an attached two car garage and workshop within a limited footprint. Focus on functionality while maintaining and creating an architechtural pleasing space.

Challenge - The client moved back home to St. Louis in preperation for retirement. Having to give up space from their home in Nebraska the client desired to build both a two car garage and a functional workshop. Tight side yard setbacks would only allow the new addition to be 12 foot in width.  In addition,  a previous owner had "renovated" the original attached garage into a bedroom.  While the interior was very functional the exterior appearence lacked cohesion with the rest of the homes ranch style architecture.

Solution - With help from the client, Living Space Construction designed a tandem attached garage addition 12 feet wide by 50 feet in length with additional wrap around towards the rear creating extra workshop space.  The design included extending the roof line to match the current ranch style roof overhangs and giving the appearance of original design.  The old garage front was redesigned centering a large 3 panel window providing symetry with the east side of the home.