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Compton Heights

Goal - The client desired to update and expand his kitchen to create a space that matched his style and was more appropriate for this large grand home in Compton Heights.

Challenge - The most glaring challange was tearing out the 18 inch thick load bearing brick wall and vent flew between the kitchen and sun room and installing the 800 lb steel header while making sure the wall above stayed intact.  In addition the client desired for the two ceilings to be flush which would require the 800 lb steel header to be inverted into the floor joists.

Solution - First, two temporary walls (using 2x6x10 lumber) were built on each side of the wall being demolished. Each wall was built approximately 2.5 feet from each side of the wall to be removed.  Then, from the second floor Living Space installed 4 vertical "needle" beams.  Each beam was 36 inch on center and extended 2.5 feet on each side of the wall. This allowed for the load from the remaining brick wall (2nd and 3rd floors) to be transfered onto the temporary walls below until the 18 ft steel header beam was lifted into place.